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God, Particles and Antiparticles
Israel Sadovnik

As everyone knows, GOD has created ALL. But to create this ALL – GOD could only working in an absolute reference system and only under physical and mathematical laws. Now let us consider that the absolute reference system is the cosmic microwave background radiation (T = 2,7R). What particles can be in this system?

Dirac said - "antiparticles".
Quantum physics - " virtual particles ".
Astrophysics - " latent, invisible particles ", “dark- mass”.

This “dark- mass” is supposed to comprise 90 % (and more) of the matter in the Universe. Does anybody in the world know if the “dark- mass”, " virtual particles ","antiparticles" have volume? No, they do not. Hence - they are flat, invisible ghosts.How can these flat, virtual ghost can turn in real particles?

There are two points of view:

1) with the help of " Mechanism Higgsa ".
2) under influence of "spin".
There are two kinds of spin:

a) Spin of Planck (h) b) Spin of Goudsmit-Uhlenbeck (h= h /2p) These two kinds of “spin” created two various kinds of movement. Therefore, if we understand, it is the " Mechanism Higgsa ", that is the "spin", we shall understand how GOD could create ALL. We shall then understand the interrelation between the Science and Religion.

There cannot be a conflict between the science and religion. Religion without the scientific proof - is not persuasive. Science which does not take into account religious bases - is hasty.

God and constants of Nature. Devil and physicists.

The wise God carefully collected the constants of Nature to build our beautiful Earth. At one time, physicists wanted to build the picture of Genesis originating from the basic constants of Nature. And what are they doing now?

In 1906, Lord Rutherford studied internal structure of atoms, bombarding them with high energy a- particles. This idea helped him understand the structure of atom. But the clever Devil interfered and gave advice to physicists to enlarge the target. Bomb them! And physicist created huge cannon-accelerators of particles. And they began to bomb micro particles in the vacuum, in hoping to understand their inner structure. And they were surprised with the results of this bombing. Several hundreds of completely new strange particles appeared. They lived a very little time and do not relate to our world. Our Earth needs its real constants of nature. But this was forgotten.

What God carefully created, is destroyed in accelerators. And they are proud of that. They say: we study the inner structure of the particles. The clever and artful Devil is glad. He again has deceived man. Physicist think, that an accelerator - is first of all the presence of huge energy. And the Devil laughs. He knows, that an accelerator - is first of all the vacuum. But this, he has withheld from man. He has not explained that the vacuum is infinite. And in infinity there is contained an infinite variety of particles. And by bombing the vacuum, one can find centaurs and sphinxes. But my God, save us from their presence on Earth.

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