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Infinity: a Symbol or Reality?

1. Everyone knows, that absolute temperature T=0K cannot be reached. We can only indefinitely come nearer to it.

2. Everyone knows, that nobody can reach absolute speed of quantum of light c=1. We can only indefinitely come nearer to her.

3. But everyone also knows, that only a quantum of light travels with an absolute speed, c=1.

It is a fact, it is a reality.

Question: Can this absolute movement, c=1 occur in a relative reference frame ? The answer: No.!

Absolute movement can occur only in an absolute frame of reference. But only one absolute frame of reference is known; T=0K (which is impossible to reach). And only in her quantum of light can move with the absolute speed c=1. And it is also reality. But what can a quantum of light tell us about its travels in the parallel world?


The Antiworld, Its Inhabitants and the Quantum of Light
Israel Sadovnik

Physicists have found antiparticles. If antiparticles exist, then an antiworld exists. What does this antiworld look like? What do its citizens do?

In the book “Evolution of Physics” Einstein and Infeld wrote:

“We have the laws, but are not aware what the body of reference system they belong to, and all our physical construction appears erected on sand”.
They are right.

1) We know the laws and formulas of ideal gas, but do not know to what system of counting they belong to. A clever man, G. Gamov wrote: :
”In the case of an ideal gas formed by point- molecules, which of course does not exist in nature... ”
This is funny. The formulas and laws are just, but the particles that create them are absent. This is mysticism! The one that doesn’t exist is created by reality.

2) We know the laws and formulas of SRT but do not know what negative four-dimensional space looks like.

3) Quantum physics confirms that real particles are born from virtual particles in the vacuum. But nobody explains what the vacuum is. To say that the vacuum possesses the lowest energetic state is the same as to say: “a dead man possesses the lowest energetic state”. To say that gravitation does not disappear but only infinitely approaches to zero is the same as to say: “we do not die, only approach death”. But our cemeteries speak quite differently. They say: “Death is real”. However, the physicists do not want to acknowledge The Law of Death; this real fact. How can we understand Reality ignoring this evident fact.

But if antiworld exists, how can we perceive it? How can we interact with it?

In order to tear out from the embrace of Earth, the rocket needs to develop the speed of 11,2 km/sec. And in order to travel in an antiworld, one needs to fly with the speed of the quantum of light. But nobody except the quantum of light possesses such a speed. It is the only thing that can visit the antiworld. What can the quantum of light tell us about antiworld (parallel Universe)?

The Unity of SRT andQuantum theory.

By the end of the 19th century many of physicists considered, that physics was almost completed. It was necessary only to resolve two problems:

1) to explain radiation of an absolutely black body (it has resulted in development of the Quantum theory),

2) and to explain a constancy of velocity of light in Michelson,s experiences. (it has resulted in creation the SRT).

It is more than hundred years since it was considered that these two theories are different. But from the perspective of the 21st century we can understand, that there are not two problems, that there are not two different theories. SRT and the Quantum theory are initially united.

Michelson,s quantum of light flies rectilinearly with constant velocity (c =1). If it is in an area of an absolute black body, it will not be reflected, and it becomes dead (thermal and electric).

To insure this does not take place, Planck had assumed that Michelson,s light quantum is radiated from an absolutely black body and flies rectilinearly. In this flight its spin (impulse) is constant, (h =1). For Michelson's quantum of light to fly with constant velocity it is necessary to have a constant impulse. Therefore constant velocity (? =1) has a constant spin (impulse) of (h =1). Now it is clear, why physicists have given to a constant velocity (c=1) the constant spin (impulse) (h=1)

But such interrelation between velocity and spin is valid only for the rectilinear movement of a quantum of light. Since SRT and Quantum theory study the behaviour of one particle - the quantum of light, they must represent only one theory.

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