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The Origin of Consciousness

There are many theories explaining the origin of consciousness. Here some of them.

1) God has taken clay and has created man, and then has inhaled in it consciousness.
2) 20 billions years ago all matter (all elementary particles, all quarks and their girlfriend antiquarks, all kinds of waves: electromagnetic, gravitational, muons….) - all was assembled in “singular point”.Then there was a Big Bang .

Question: when was there consciousness? a) Before explosion,
b) At the moment of explosion,
c) After the explosion.

It is more probable, that it existed after the explosion.

Then there is a question: what particles (or waves) were carriers of consciousness? Mesons, muons, leptons, bosons (W+, W- , Z) ,quarks, …gluons field ….. ets …?

On this question the Big Bang theory does not give an answer.

But can it be that consciousness was formed as a result of the interaction of all elementary particles, all waves, all fields? Then, on the one hand, the reason for the origin of the Big Bang is clear: Everything was mixed, including consciousness, and when it is mixed then it is possible to construct all and everything.

But on the other hand, it is not clear: why farmer John can think simply, clearly and logically.

3) Ancient Indian Veda approve, that origination of consciousness is connected with the existence of spiritual, conscious particles – purusha .
4) Modern physics affirms that the Quantum of light is a privileged particle as in one cases, it behave as a particle, and in other case, acts in a way which causes a wave.

How is a particle capable of creating a wave? The behaviour of Light quanta (dualism ) is explained simply. A quantum of light has its own initial consciousness. This consciousness is not rigid, but develops. The development of consciousness goes “from vague wish up to a clear thought”.

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