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The Vacuum and Special Relativity Theory.

Israel Sadovnik

Special Relativity Theory examines the behaviour of a quantum of light in the vacuum.

1)The First law of SRT - the speed of a quantum of light in vacuo has a maximal magnitude (constant, absolute) of (c=1) .
2)SRT is not considered a gravitational field. For this reason, Einstein created General Relativity Theory in 1915. The field in which there is no gravitation is a vacuum.
3)This asserts that action in SRT occurs with particles in negative four-dimensional (Minkowski) space. This space is absolute.

Mathematicians have constructed its model and speak of this negative space as completely abstract. Nobody sees that it has no connection to real existence. This is similar to a sad joke. For 100 years everyone has admired SRT. Millions of articles, reviews and books have been written and the United Nations has decided to establish 2005 as the centennial year of SRT. Consider that all that is clear in this theory is that negative four-dimensional space is abstract and has no real existence.

My God! There does not appear to be anyone to laugh at this joke!

Everyone searches for complex models of four-dimensional space, but truth lies in simplicity. All is very simple.

We meet the negative characteristic of space only in the vacuum, and in the vacuum, space is merged with time (negative four-dimensional space). According to the first law, the speed of light is absolute and movement occurs in the absolute vacuum. So why does everyone speak and write that there is no absolute movement; that only relative movement v =s/t is real? Why does everyone say that there is no absolute reference system?

Here we have one of the paradoxes in human intelligence.

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