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Email: Sergio Stagnaro

   Sergio Stagnaro

P. Manzelli, Dec. 31, 2008:
It is important that the INFORMATION ENERGY FIELD is a product of Quantum-Entanglement where two (or more ) Photons or Phonons ( or other quantum-partiches) are confined to overcome each to other in a shorter space time dimension measurable in cartesian coordinates (XYZ//t0 ).

As a matter of fact, where the quantum particles must superimpose their status, the result of the entangled mixing is to obtain an identical new status for both , that can exist in a condition of a transformed space; ie through the transformation of Space Time from Cartesian time coordinates XYZ//t0 to the new Pure Information Space Time dimensions composed by two bit ; one for the Space (X,Y), plus one for the TIME (t1, t2) . See paolo .manzelli in http://www.wbabin.net.

Knowing that, it is possible to understand that the "information energy field " works in simultaneity as a "continuuous signal" between t1-t2, where the widness between t1-t2 , is a consguence of th force of the quantun overlapping.

THEREFORE THE SIMULTANEITY OF "Information ENERGY" (I) need to be considered in terms of simultaneity of Signalling at distance for a short timing period (t1-t2), and for instance the (I -form of Energy) can be used for understanding the intuition factors in the brain or for a better knowledge of thelepathy.

Different is the case when we speak about "brain Signification", that normally it is not related to the simultaneity of Information Signalling.

Indeed the meaning of the Brain-signification is related to the effective knowledge an experience of people and implies a relationship between short and long term memory of brain's processes that can take more o longer sequence of linear timing measurements between conscious awarenesses and unconscious processes.

Libet's experiments http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog/LIBMIN.html speak about the delay of MIND TIME because do not know nothing about the BIO-QUANTUM PHYSICS Theory and Experiments made by you Sergio.

In true for falsifying a theory with some new experiences it is necessary that all people should refer to the same scientific paradigm of space-time.

So that, as it is impossible to measure the Information - FORM of Energy with mechanical tools but only by biological systems, also it is impossible to falsify experiments that are related to an old conception of a fixed Cartesian space time.

S Stagnaro, Dec. 31, 2008:
Benjamin Libet’s experiments: Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics view-point!

On the website of Harvard University Press, at <"http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog/LIBMIN.html"> http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog/LIBMIN.html one can read such as statements:

“Most notably, Libet's experiments reveal a substantial delay--the "mind time" of the title--before any awareness affects how we view our mental activities. If all conscious awarenesses are preceded by unconscious processes, as Libet observes, we are forced to conclude that unconscious processes initiate our conscious experiences”.

I have sent the following critical comment:

Contact_HUP@harvard.edu in your wonderful website at the URL http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog/LIBMIN.html, I've just read "Most notably, Libet's experiments reveal a substantial delay--the "mind time" of the title--before any awareness affects how we view our mental activities. If all conscious awarenesses are preceded by unconscious processes, as Libet observes, we are forced to conclude that unconscious processes initiate our conscious experiences".

Such as sentence is not right, from Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics view-point, a href="www.semeioticabiofisica.it"> www.semeioticabiofisica.it In fact, first of all, with the aid of this clinical tool, since 30 years I've been demonstrating that it's possible, rapid, and easy to bedside assess microcirculatory function and structure of every biological system, including brain (1-13).

Secondly, Benjamin Libet did not know Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics, I have founded in 2007, November! Energy-Information, according to my friend chemist Paolo Manzelli, is simultaneous and not transmitted spending time and energy, as it happens from biological system to biological system, identical from embryogenesis view-point, in both the same individual and from subject to subject (not necessarily twin, as in Lory’s Experiment), regardless the distance between them (6-13)

As regards the future of Medicine, I am allowed to state that it’s already begun, as far as Biology and Physical Semeiotics are concerned. In fact, biological events are more complex, i.e., difficult to understand, than generally admitted today. Fortunately, the presence of no local realm besides local realm in Biological Systems (1-4), highlights the patho-physiological mechanisms underlying a lot of above-mentioned events, until now unknown, or erroneously explained, like Benjamin Libet's experiments (5-13). Really interesting, the fundamental knowledge, Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics is based on, indicates that in all biological systems, of both human and animal, besides local realm, there is no local realm, wherein space/time matrix is jet quadrimensional, but showing 2 S/D and 2 T/D (7-11).

As a consequence, this type of information is "simoultaneous" in space and synchronous in time, as Lory's Experiment demonstrates (13). In a few words, information appears simultaneouly in a human body kilometers away from information origin, starting when the examiner is thinking to give somebody information to do something.

At this point, I cannot understand the real reason why the numerous predispositions to disorders (i.e., Quantum Biophysical-Semeiotic Constitutions) (14-15) , like diabetes and malignancy, both solid and liquid, as well as relative inherited real risk, recognized with a stethoscope already at birth in a few seconds due to Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics, already accepted and spread among physicians by the majority of famous peer-reviews will be tomorow suggested by National Health Services. In addition, traditional Medicine cannot highlight a lot of biological events, e.g. Lory's experiment (14), because it knows exclusively the Local Realm in biological systems. On the contrary, in all tissues - besides that - really exists also NON-LOCAL Realm, my friend co-worker Paolo Manzelli and I have demonstrated recently in 6 articles (ibidem). Recognizing also a 4 Dimemsion Space/Time Matrix, wherein there are 2 SD and 2 TD, which provides a simultaneous Information, not ruled by the old, out-moded deterministic, classic physics, but by quantum physics evolution (entanglement and disentanglement) we are able to understand why the first phase of hormone action is simultaneous with very beginning of whatever stimulation (for instance, intense digital pressure upon radius or vertbra bone is simultaneous to pancreas size increasing as response to endogenous endocalcin! The second phase, different in nature, is brought about by tha contact of ostecalcin with relate receptors on beta-cell outer membrane in Langherans's islets (13, 14).

As a conseguence, regarding Benjamin Libet theory, illustrate especially in Mind Time: "The Temporal Factor in Consciousness", from the above remarks, in the light of Quantum Biophysica Semeiotics, we must conclude that a new interpratation i unavoidably necessary!

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Sep. 21, 2008:
In his response of Sep. 11, 2008, illustrating the action mechanism at distance of both n-DNA and mit-DNA, Paolo Manzelli writes rightly: "So that , in relation of twenty different confinement actions in the nucleus, the DNA can be conceived as a piezoelectric biosensor-antenna, coupled with an entanglement of phonons, that generate a no-local communication field that is funtional to exchange anticipated signalling with Mitochondrial DNA and other enzymes that are working as sensible bio-sensors for getting an at distance controll of the construction of quality of proteins". In following, a paradigmatic corroboration, given by Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics (www.semeioticabiofisica.it). As I illustrated formerly, for the first time on The Lancet.com (Stagnaro Sergio. The Lancet, January 28, 2008. Bedside Biophysical-Semeiotic Osteocalcin Test in Diagnosing and Monitoring Diabetes.

,a href="http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140673608601014/comments?action=view&totalComments=2 and than in a lot of other websites (ibidem), osteocalcin stimulates insulin production, i.e., it brings about type I, associated, microcirculatory activation of Langherans's islets, according to my Angiobiopathy Theory. Well. In health, doctor's "intense" digital pressure, lastings only ONE SECOND, on whatever bone ( e.g., ulna, radius), causes simultaneously pancreas enlargement, persisting 10 sec., which disappears for 3 sec. exactly, and than a second increasing of pancreatic size appears, lasting this time 20 sec., a.s.o. This interesting experimental evidence, useful in recognizing Langherans's islets actual condition, corroborates Manzelli's theory, according to which the DNA can be conceived as a piezoelectric biosensor-antenna. In fact, really surprisingly... such as event appears identical also in individuals away kilometers, if they are conscious of what happens, i.e., if their "radio" is open, as my friend Simone says!

Aug. 10, 2008:
A few days ago, Rosy's parents phoned me - from an island of Greece - that my little nephew, 3 years old, Rossy, was feverish: T 38°. The most important question was about the real nature od underlying disorder! As you know, so I think, Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics allows doctor to "bedside" recognize both an inflammatory-infectious disease, and its real nature: viral, bacterial, either Gram-positive or Gram negative, a.s.o. (www.semeioticabiofisica.it). Well! I immediately communicated by phone the necessary manoeuvres, to apply on Rossy, unavoidable to make diagnosis. This was FLU. Yesterday, I was told that Rossy was better...in spite of noisy cough! So, I didn't...examine her.

Thanks to IE, according to my friend Paolo Manzelli, I am speaking of Quantum-Biophysical-Semeiotic Tele-Diagnosis in a book, "Semeiotica Biofisica Quantistica", which will be published at the beginn of 2009 by Travel Factory Ed., Rome.

Aug. 10, 2008:
Once again, Paolo [Manzelli]is teaching us in a clear manner, the way according to which Quantum Entanglement influences the energy-coorganizations between Information, Energy and Matter. However, we must admit that all these well, logically based considerations are worthy exclusively on theoretical dimension!

At this point, paramount appear my CLINICAL comments on this topic, posted below.

Let's remember, rather than overlooking it, that on the dress of woman (Philosophy), who went to meet Manlius Severinus Boetius in Pavia's jail, were written: T and P, i.e., Theory and Praxis!

Aug. 8, 2008:
See Manzelli Comments: In my opinion, it is useful to underline some benefits, provided by the utilization of Lory's Experiment on a very large scale.

In fact, after Lory's experiment, I performed for the first time in twin, and now translated also in Russian, and particularly a lot of other analogous tele-clinical diagnoses carried out in individuals who aren't relatives, I think that it is urgently necessary to underscore the practical aspects of such as medical progresses, I consider epochal. In fact, it's easily to understand, that we can nowadays recognize promply, by the aid of a simple phone (cellular), an acute, dangerous disorder in a patient away from doctor, as in the case of seaman, who is working on the sea in a boat, not provided by physician, involved for instance by acute appendicitis. The diseased seaman can soon thereafter be transported via seaplane, flying-boat, helicopter to hospital. Another paradigmatic example of practical aspects of such as tele-clinical diagnosis: doctors of ER can diagnose rapidly a serious diverticulitis with the aid of phone in a patients away, e.g., in the mountains, and save him.

Aug. 3, 2008:
And now, a fascinating diagnose, demonstrating the REAL existence of IE, according to Manzelli. In a few words, in following there is another surprising demonstration of the REAL existence of IE, from CLINICAL view-point. Three days ago, a Patient, friend of mine, woman 53 year old, in Florenz, involved by recurrent renal colik-like pains, performing my advice (instructions) sent by phone from Riva Trigoso (Genoa), was applying digital stimulation on the 4 parathyroid glands! When she stimulated right, inferior gland I was able to recognize Parathyroid Adenoma! The diagnosis has been corroborated yesterday in my ambulatory (now OPEN only to my friends...if I am in healthy condition!). Surely, nobody until now have made such as Clinical Diagnosis of Parathyroid Adenoma in patient....... away kilometers...

Aug. 2, 2008:
See Marina Shaduri comments http://wbabin.net/comments/manzelli.htm

Your BOT image are fascinating: compliment. However, "there are thousand suns above the cloud, awaiting us", as sounds an old indian proverb. In my opinion, founded on a long, really TOO long, clinical experience..., at the base of all biological events, as well as of all diagnostic methods, also the most sophisticated, there is mit-DNA activity (the second, often overlooked DNA, from which even n-DNA receive energy, LIFE), energy factory producing ATP, conditio sine qua non of Manzelli's VE and THUS IE, as clinical and experimental evidence suggests: see all common disorders, including cancer, and respectively Apnoea Test.

Lory's Experiment is not possible at all, if "radio is cloused", namely if who receives IE from examining individual does not take breath...i.e., Apnoea Test.

In spite of my poor English I am sure that both you and our friends will understand what I mean.

Jul. 20, 2008:
In following another reproducible clinical experiment, easy to realize by physicians who know Biophysical Semeiotics, corroborating Manzelli's theory on triadic forms of Energy. I must say to laymen that aldosterone is an hormone, synthesized in adrenal glands, which brings about renal sodium and whater retention, so that blood volume increases, taking part to arterial hypertension. In addition, in health, stimulating ACTH-RH (see www.semeioticabiofisica.it), for intance, by "intense", lasting only one second, digital pressure, applied upon ACTH-RH trigger-point (ibidem), surrenal gland as well as kidneys enlarge "simultaneously" with begin of stimulation, showing a typical behaviour: the first enlargement duration = 8 sec exactly; the second one lasts 7 sec.; finally, the third increasing persists physiologically 6 sec.

On the contrary, if the subject, who undergoes the examination, does not breath (Apnoea test) or in case of "small" digital pressure, we cannot observe such as surrenal gland and kidneys reaction. Mitochondrial impairement, and its subsequent lowered production of ATP (EV, according to Manzelli) accounts for the reason that the realm is not local, under these circumstances: i.e., waves contraction and materialization of energy to particles.

In addition, kidneys and surrenal glands size incresing occur ALSO in ALL individuals, who are present, in the experiment room!

As a conclusion, also such as interesting manoeuvre (for the first time is possible bedside assess Aldosterone secretion...), easy to reproduce, aiming to falsify it, corroborates the original, brilliant Manzelli's theory of triadic forms of Energy.

July 6, 2008
At URL http://www.wbabin.net/comments/manzelli.htm Paolo Manzelli states rightly: "Because the self-organization of matter and energy need to enclose the superposition of wave-particles ( photons, phonons , atoms ... etc) that have broken their previous links or bonds, to rebuilt new connections and cohesions to change their affinity properties, certainly the QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT effect is becoming the basis of the study of the new Quantum-Bio-Physics in Natural sciences".

As I have demonstrated recently, in Biology we find the central proof of Manzelli's original theory. In order to understand, for instance, the real patho-physiological mechanisms underlying hormone action mechanisms, we have to be free of thinking about quadri-dimensional Space/Time Matrix transformations, according to Paolo Manzelli. For instance, "intense" - but not low-moderate - digital pressure upon bone (radius-ulna, e.g.) brings about simultaneously pancreas type I, associated, microcirculatory activation: pancreas size increase for 10 sec., since secreted osteocalcin stimulates insulin-secretion, simultaneously (Stagnaro Sergio. The Lancet, January 28, 2008. Bedside Biophysical-Semeiotic Osteocalcin Test in Diagnosing and Monitoring Diabetes.


This FACT indicates the failure of the present cartesian concept of quadrimensional space/time (XYZT) is not able to highlights such as experiment, usefull in bedside recognizing diabetes since its initial stage of diabetic Inherited Real Risk. Interestingly, such as bone stimulation causes pancreas modification ALSO in all other individuals, even kilometers away from examining the individual, according to Lory's Experiment, now posted even in www.nature.com on diverse URLs: