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Email: Dr. Temur Z. Kalanov

  Dr. Temur Z. Kalanov

Dr. Temur Kalanov: May 12, 2006
Dear Prof. Gerard 't Hooft I kindly ask you to read my article, "The Correct Theoretical Analysis of the Foundations of the Special Theory of Relativity".

Abstract: The correct theoretical analysis of the generally accepted foundations of the special theory of relativity is proposed. The principle of the unity of formal logic and dialectics is a methodological basis of the analysis. The result is as follows: the foundations (i.e., the interpretation of Michelson-Morley's experimental data and calculations, the contraction hypothesis and the Lorentz transformation formulae, concept of space-time, Einstein's formula expressing equivalence of mass and energy) contain logical errors and are not consequence of any postulates. The existence of logical errors is irrefutable proof of incorrectness of the special theory of relativity. The following correct theories and principles are proposed: theory of time; theory of space; the quantum theory of constancy of light speed; the principle of equivalency of mass and energy; the principle of objectivity of human knowledge; the theory of system of reference.

T.Z. Kalanov. Journal of Ultra Scientists of Physical Sciences (India), V. 16, No. 2 (2004),

Prof. Gerard 't Hooft: May 15, 2006
Even if you don't like its logic, the Special (and the General) Theory of Relativity works remarkably well. The only changes you can bring about is in the names you attach to things. I don't care much about that.