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  Suresh Kumar Balyan


Feb. 7, 2005: The Law of Energy Creation:
The proverb, "necessity is the mother of invention" is true. The demand for energy in the present scenario is so high that it is necessary to search for new sources. In the past, the conservation law stated that "energy can be neither created nor destroyed". Later, it was modified to "energy can be neither created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another". Nature gave us some materials with unique properties; if these properties are utilized in proper manner, then energy can be created.

I submit as a fundamental law that “Energy can be created only when the applied force is the inherent property of the source”

Inherent property means the property which exits as a natural or permanent feature or quality. There are many examples of such sources which have this inherent property :

Gravitational Force
As in the case of the sun and the earth system, the acting force is naturally large, due to which the earth rotates around the sun. This has a very small value in the case of bodies having small mass.

Magnetic Force
The attractive and repulsive forces between magnets are the inherent property. Single magnetic pole does not exist and so it is difficult to create energy using this property.

Electrostatic Force
The force between the two charges is the inherent property. Single poles exist in the form of positive or negative charge so it has an advantage over magnetic force.

The inherent property in the case of gravitational force and magnetic forces is not easy to use for energy creation as in the case of electrostatic forces.

It is suggested that "electrets" can be utilized as an inherent property source, which possess opposite electric charges on its surface. The electrets are the permanent polarized dielectric man made materials that are made by cooling dielectric material in the high intensity of an electric field. By using this inherent property of the electrets when an electron is placed in its electric field, energy can be created in the form of electric energy.

See this site as an example of the law